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Toddler Sleep

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A self-paced on-demand course packed full of evidence-based, actionable, and instinct-aligned strategies for optimising your toddler's sleep and making bigger changes with confidence and compassion.

Investment: $49 AUD

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Remember those days when you gently lulled your baby to sleep, hoping that by toddlerhood, sleep troubles would be a thing of the past? Yet, here you are, navigating frequent wake-ups, nighttime feedings, early mornings, or those seemingly never-ending bedtime rituals.


First and foremost, let's clear the air: This isn't your fault. You haven't inadvertently set the stage for these sleep challenges. In fact, you've done an amazing and commendable job, adapting and responding to your child's evolving developmental needs.


Yet, fatigue is undeniably taking its toll. That's where our course steps in. Created with care, it offers a wealth of evidence-backed, wholly gentle strategies. Aimed at fostering sound sleep for your toddler (and, of course, you!), this resource ensures everyone's needs are addressed with understanding and respect.

What's inside?

Module 1

What's normal?

In the first module, we unpack typical toddler sleep. Discover the genuine sleep requirements for toddlers, grasp a clear understanding of their standard nighttime and nap-time rhythms, and delve into other common sleep behaviours characteristic of this age group.

Module 2

Optimising Sleep

Here, we focus on enhancing your toddler's sleep through a spectrum of scientifically-backed, fully responsive approaches. Delve into gentle yet potent solutions to address prevalent hurdles, such as prolonged bedtimes, early wake-ups, and beyond.

Module 3

Puzzle Pieces

The interplay of connection, sensory preferences, and temperament play a pivotal role in sleep. Here, we shine a light on these often-overlooked components, empowering you to recognise your child's distinct needs. Harness this newfound understanding to fine-tune sleep routines and facilitate more seamless transitions.

Module 4

Making Gentle Changes

Navigating partner-inclusive bedtime routines, contemplating a shift from bedsharing, or pondering over evolving any ingrained patterns that aren't serving you anymore? This module provides a flexible blueprint teeming with innovative strategies to guide you through gentle and effective transitions.

Bonus Resources

As an added perk, we've bundled a collection of resources and exercises, ensuring you have all you need at your fingertips to begin refining sleep routines and implementing kind-hearted adjustments immediately.

Sleep log | Connection ideas | Bedtime cheat sheet | Self-regulation tips | +more

You will emerge...

  • Confident in tackling the sleep challenges presented by your toddler.

  • Deep understanding of your toddler's unique needs.

  • Equipped with effective strategies to streamline and cherish bedtime routines, ensuring quicker sleep onset for your toddler.

  • Ready and empowered to implement significant changes, gently and holistically.

  • Armed with hands-on solutions and a roadmap to address typical challenges and modify patterns, all while valuing your toddler's perspective.

  • Knowledgeable about warning signs for underlying sleep disruptors, problem-solving, and distinguishing between myths and facts.

Father and Son Taking a Nap
I took the toddler course and my god - thank you! I felt like you gave me a warm hug and pat on the back to say "you got this". Bedtime is so much easier now, and he is even doing some stretches in his own bed. Thank you so so much


Is the Toddler Course right for you?

If any of the following resonates...

  • ​You're nurturing a little one aged between 1 to 5 years, or soon will be.

  • You grapple with your toddler's sleep challenges, be it prolonged bedtimes, frequent wake-ups, extensive awake periods, disrupted sleep, or the early bird morning calls.

  • You're contemplating gently reshaping routines that no longer fit - like introducing novel settling techniques or fostering more independent sleep.

  • You're keen on nurturing your toddler's independence in a manner that's compassionate and in tune with their current stage of growth.

  • You're gearing up for the toddler phase and wish to be armed with effective strategies.

Then, this course is tailored for you. Dive in, and you'll be equipped with principles and tools that not only enhance sleep for both you and your toddler but also foster a deeper bond. These insights will stand as pillars, ensuring sound sleep and holistic well-being for your family now and in the years ahead.



Jessica has an extensive background in sleep and child development and in 2021 she decided to put it to good use and created Infant Sleep Scientist. 

Her mission? provide parents with evidence-based education and support so they can make empowered, informed decisions about approaching their family's sleep in alignment with their parenting values. 


When she isn't creating content or working with clients, Jess is usually consuming information about her latest hyperfocus topic, spending time with her family, or listening to a podcast or audiobook.

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