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Gentle Night Weaning Guide

A step by step guide that prepares you and your toddler and guides you through the delicate process of night weaning or reducing night feeds while optimising sleep and growing your relationship

Mother Baby Bonding

The wait is over!

The flagship night weaning guide has arrived, and is so much more than simply a night weaning instruction manual. Just like improving family sleep and wellbeing, I truly believe night weaning requires a holistic and thoughtful approach, especially if it is to be achieved in a truly gentle way.


This is why I have poured my heart and soul into creating a guide focused just as much on preparing emotionally and practically for night weaning, as it does the actual night weaning part.


Preparation is the key to success, and working through this guide and the exercises within will prepare you and your toddler and give you the best chance at smoothly making this big change.

I have drawn on my sleep science and developmental psychology expertise as well as my personal and professional experiences as a mother and Infant and Family Sleep Specialist to bring you this comprehensive 68-page guide to reducing or eliminating night feeds with your toddler.


The knowledge you gain won't all be exclusive to night weaning either, you will come away armed with tools to tackle future sleep, pattern shifting, and other challenges on your parenting journey. It is a guide you can come back to again and again!

What is inside?

Establish readiness

Identify your reasons for night weaning, look at alternatives, and decide whether night weaning is the right choice for you right now.

How to be calm

Night weaning can really test our regulation and co-regulation skills. Be prepared with the right tools so you can work on deepening your secure attachment even through a difficult process like night weaning.

Prepare emotionally

Night weaning is a big deal! The section on emotional preparation will arm you with tips and strategies for getting you and your toddler emotionally ready

Plan and action night weaning

Learn about different options and approaches to night weaning, choose the best one for you and your family, create a unique plan and action it!

Optimise sleep

Sleep should be optimised before attempting night weaning, so I've included evidence-based and actionable sleep advice you can tailor to your circumstances.


As a bonus, I've included two night weaning real-world case studies (one being my own) so you can see what it looked like for others and loads of resources related to sleep, parenting, feeding, and everything in between.

I'm not sure if I'm ready to night wean yet...

Whether you are on the fence about night weaning or set on your decision, this guide is made for you.

First, it will help you decide if you are ready to night wean or not. If you are considering night weaning, then clearly something feels unmanageable or unsustainable for you right now. However, if upon reading and reflecting on your reasons and situations you realise it's not quite time to night wean, you are still in the right place.

The steps I've formulated to prepare for night weaning are not only applicable or exclusive to night weaning - they will arm you with knowledge and tools to optimise your and your toddler's rest and wellbeing in any situation, in preparation for any big change, or simply as standalone sleep and wellbeing optimisation tools.

By working through the steps, you will get to the crux of what's not working right now and set up a series of actionable steps to make the necessary changes so you feel better able to continue supporting your baby or toddler in the way that you want to. You can work through and come back to the steps as many times as you need before you are ready to go through with the final step of night weaning knowing that when you are ready you will be completely prepared.

Supportive and holistic approach to night weaning 

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