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Gentle Night Weaning Guide

An in-depth, step-by-step guide designed to smoothly navigate both you and your toddler through the nuanced journey of night weaning or minimizing night feeds. Beyond the mechanics, this guide emphasizes enhancing sleep quality and nurturing the precious bond you share with your little one.

Mother Baby Bonding

The wait is over!

Introducing our premier guide on night weaning, crafted to be so much more than just a set of instructions. Recognising that the journey to better sleep and well-being is a holistic endeavor, I am steadfast in the belief that a truly gentle night weaning process should encompass both emotional and practical preparations.


With immense dedication, I've designed this guide to strike a balance between emotional readiness and actionable steps for night weaning.


Remember: thorough preparation paves the way for success. Delve into the insights and exercises within this guide, and you'll be setting the stage for a seamless transition for your toddler.


Drawing from a rich blend of sleep science, developmental psychology, personal motherhood experiences, and my professional journey as an Infant and Family Sleep Specialist, this 68-page guide is your comprehensive companion to reducing or even eliminating those nighttime feeds with your toddler.


But the wisdom doesn't stop at night weaning. Equip yourself with invaluable tools and insights to navigate future sleep adjustments, pattern changes, and myriad other parenting milestones. Consider this guide a timeless resource, ready to serve you time and time again on your parenting adventure.

Establish readiness

Discover your motivations behind night weaning, explore all viable options, and determine if embarking on the night weaning journey aligns with your current needs and circumstances.

How to be calm

Night weaning can challenge our emotional balance and shared regulation abilities. Equip yourself with essential tools to not only navigate this intricate process but also to strengthen and deepen your bond amidst the complexities of night weaning.

Prepare emotionally

Night weaning is a big deal! Dive into our dedicated section on emotional preparation, packed with insights and tactics to ensure both you and your toddler are mentally and emotionally poised for the transition.

Plan and action night weaning

Dive into various night weaning methods and strategies. Handpick the one that resonates most with your family's dynamics, craft a personalised plan, and confidently set it into motion!

Optimise sleep

Before diving into night weaning, it's crucial to enhance sleep quality. Hence, I've provided scientifically-backed, practical sleep recommendations that you can adapt to fit your unique situation.


As an added perk, delve into two real-world night weaning case studies (including my personal experience) for a glimpse into others' journeys. Plus, browse a plethora of resources spanning sleep, parenting, feeding, and everything intertwined.

The night weaning guide is so much more than I could have expected. Not only was it helpful for making a decision but it has so much goodness in it for myself and sleep as a whole. Thank you, once again you have absolutely killed it.


I'm not sure if I'm ready to night wean yet...

Whether you're still weighing the pros and cons of night weaning or have firmly made up your mind, this guide is tailored for you.


Initially, it aims to help you assess your readiness for night weaning. If the thought of night weaning has crossed your mind, there's likely an aspect of your current routine that feels challenging or unsustainable. Yet, after introspection, if you discern that the timing isn't quite right, rest assured, you're still on the right path.


The strategies I've curated for preparing for night weaning aren't just confined to this singular task. These insights offer a broader perspective, equipping you with knowledge and tools to enhance both your and your toddler's overall rest and well-being. Whether you're gearing up for a significant shift or simply aiming for improved sleep and wellness, these strategies are invaluable.


As you navigate the guide, you'll pinpoint the challenges in your current routine and outline actionable steps to address them. This empowers you to support your baby or toddler in the manner you envision. Revisit these steps as often as you need, ensuring that when you decide to proceed with night weaning, you're wholly prepared and confident.

A supportive, truly gentle, and holistic approach to night weaning 

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