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Are you finding supporting your baby or toddler's sleep challenging? Do you want to keep being responsive but something has to change? I remember being exactly where you are now. I also remember feeling like all the options I came across were overwhelming and none seemed right for me and my baby. I wanted to keep responding. I didn't want to restrict my support. I didn't want to live and die by schedules and rules. But I was also struggling big time to find balance. I wanted holistic, evidence-based information and strategies, not one-size-fits-all "solutions" or support that made me question my parenting abilities and intuition. 

It is with this experience, as well as a whole lot of research and education, that I am proud to offer holistic, science-based sleep support. Support that empowers you to understand your options, work with your baby's biology, follow your intuition as a parent, and improve everyone's rest and well-being.

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A Toddler and a Baby

What They're Saying

Joanne (Riley, 9 months)

Jess transformed the way I view supporting my baby's sleep. I also gained so much from understanding the science behind circadian rhythm and sleep pressure and how I can help my little one get the sleep they need

Anna, (Hunter, 3 months)

I am so glad I found you, Jess! You gave me a whole new perspective on things and not only that but your suggestion to have feeding assessed was on the money! Hunter has an intolerance that was disrupting his sleep. Addressing that and applying your advice has helped so much!

Roxy (Isla, 7 months)

I thought I had tried everything but your suggestions and the plan we came up with together completely changed our evenings and how I'm coping. I also love that you didn't ask me to stop feeding to sleep or anything like that and yet we still improved things.