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Sleep and parenting approached with confidence and compassion


Hey there! As a developmental psychologist and Infant and Family Sleep Specialist, I'm on a mission to educate and support parents in the wonderful (but let's be honest, sometimes challenging) world of baby sleep and parenting.

Is sleep training safe?

A truly gentle and holistic approach to baby sleep


My approach is all about nurturing and optimizing parent and infant mental health, drawing on my background in psychology and child development research, as well as my own experiences as a mother.

I'm here to help you tune out the noise and tune into your baby's needs with a gentle, holistic approach that improves sleep and wellbeing without compromising your values. So take a look around, and please don't hesitate to reach out! I'm so excited to connect with you and support your family.

  • Available Online

    Compassionate and realistic support to improve your sleep situation

    1 hr

    449 Australian dollars
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    Need an injection of confidence?

    1 hr

    175 Australian dollars
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    Follow up support for existing or previous clients

    45 min

    135 Australian dollars
Sleeping Like a Baby

Parents like you are saying...

Amelia and 7 month old baby

It was an amazing experience working with Jess. From the beginning she put my mind at ease and completely took away the guilt I had been carrying around about my baby's sleep. I followed her suggestions and sleep improved! No more split nights and no more early wakes! We are so much happier as a little family now

Andrea and 6 month old baby

Your 5m+ webinar was a revelation! Why aren't they teaching us this at health visits?? I was so close to sleep training but this changed everything and gave me my sanity back. 

Gemma (baby 17 months)

I loved the night weaning guide! I previously tried some "gentle methods" I found on some websites online but they didn't feel gentle at all. It took a few weeks because of the preparation to work through, but it was worth taking that time because then when it came time to do it, it went so much better than past attempts. I have been recommending it to everyone!!


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