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Dr Jessica Guy

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Parents like you are saying...

Brigitta and 9m old

I completed this [Infant Sleep 101 course] and loved it!! Ever since we started applying the tips in your training we have had some amazing nights. I hope their number increases. And most importantly we achieved this while being fully responsive to our baby so she always feels loved and secure.

I've recommended you to so many mums and will continue to! 

Sharon and 7m old

Two weeks in and Leo is sleeping longer stretches (including some 4-5 hour ones, which we hadn't seen since 3 months old!) and we are really enjoying the changes to our day routines. We saw an ENT and they confirmed there may be some issues to monitor. I found all your guidance so helpful and really appreciate your support.

Leah and 18m old

A big THANK YOU for your Night Weaning Guide. We started 2 weeks ago and it didn't go well. I was getting pressure to keep going but it didn't feel right. So I went back to your guide and focused more on preparation. We attempted again a week later and it's been four nights now of no feeds overnight. She barely cried! I never thought this could happen with my boob-obsessed girl. Thank you for making it stress free and giving me the confidence to do it gently.

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