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Self-Paced Course

Struggle Free Toddler Sleep

Enhance sleep and make changes with
your toddler in a nurturing,
relationship-focused way

Lifetime, On Demand Access to Video Course and Resources

Who knew sleep would still be such a "thing" once your baby became a toddler?

Guess what? It doesn't have to be

With the right support, information, and tools, you can make changes and nurture your way to more sleep with confidence

Father and Son Taking a Nap

If you:

  • Are over the BS, standard, sleep advice; it all feels wrong on a cellular level.

  • Struggle to work out if your toddler is getting the sleep they need (and you definitely are not)  

  • Are finding ways that used to serve you aren't really working anymore but don't know how the f- to change them

  • Want to understand who your toddler is on a deeper level and how to support them in a way that suits them as the perfect individual they are

  • Deeply value your relationship and want to protect it during transitions, but need guidance

  • Have no idea where on Earth to start, you just know you have to do something...

You are exactly where you are supposed to be

Sneak Peak Inside...

Module 1

What's normal?

In the first module, we unpack typical toddler sleep. Discover the genuine sleep requirements for toddlers, grasp a clear understanding of their standard nighttime and nap-time rhythms, and delve into other common sleep behaviours characteristic of this age group.

Module 2

Optimising Sleep

Here, we focus on enhancing your toddler's sleep through a spectrum of scientifically-backed, fully responsive approaches. Delve into gentle yet potent solutions to address prevalent hurdles, such as prolonged bedtimes, early wake-ups, and beyond.

Module 3

Puzzle Pieces

The interplay of connection, sensory preferences, and temperament play a pivotal role in sleep. Here, we shine a light on these often-overlooked components, empowering you to recognise your child's distinct needs. Harness this newfound understanding to fine-tune sleep routines and facilitate more seamless transitions.

Module 4

Making Gentle Changes

Navigating partner-inclusive bedtime routines, contemplating a shift from bedsharing, or pondering over evolving any ingrained patterns that aren't serving you anymore? This module provides a flexible blueprint teeming with innovative strategies to guide you through gentle and effective transitions.

Bonus Resources

As an added perk, you'll get access to a bundle of resources and exercises, ensuring you have all you need at your fingertips to begin refining sleep routines and implementing adjustments immediately.

Sleep log | Connection ideas | Bedtime cheat sheet | Self-regulation tips | +more

First, I have to tell you something

This course is not a quick fix solution that promises independent sleep in five days. Why? Because that is bullshit. And I am going to take a wild guess and say you have had enough of BS "solutions" that make you feel like you are failing.

It is not your fault.


It is not your fault if your toddler wakes. It is not your fault if they want to sleep near, next to, or maybe even ON you. It is not your fault if bedtime feels like a battle ground right now. Above all, it is not your fault that the standard approaches thrown at you at every turn are not the answer. 

You do not need to compromise your values as a parent to get more sleep, and in this course you will learn how to centre your relationship and make changes to what is no longer working.

Playful Mother and Daughter
Father and Son Taking a Nap
I took the toddler course and my god - thank you! I felt like you gave me a warm hug and pat on the back to say "you got this". Bedtime is so much easier now, and he is even doing some stretches in his own bed. Thank you so so much


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Self-Paced Course

Struggle Free Toddler Sleep

Enhance sleep and make changes with
your toddler in a nurturing,
relationship-focused way

Pay once and get lifetime, on demand access to video modules. bonus resources, and updates

About Your Host

Dr Jessica Guy has a background in psychology including 10+ years in research and a PhD in child development. She also trained and worked as a sleep scientist, assessing and treating adults with sleep disorders and is a certified Infant and Family Sleep Specialist.

Jess brings together this expertise in child development and sleep to support families with evidence based information and strategies to support sleep, foster secure attachment, and promote infant and parent well-being. 

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