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Beyond Bedsharing

Transitioning from Bedsharing

Webinar Replay + Workbook & Bonus Resources

Have you wondered how you can transition away from bedsharing while still being truly gentle, responsive, and meeting your baby where they are? You are in the right place


Join me for a live webinar replay packed with practical and sensitive strategies designed to guide you through  transitioning from bedsharing to more independent sleeping arrangements for your 0-5 year old. We'll explore the options, outline the preparation process, and provide concrete strategies for a gentle and responsive transition.

Investment: $39

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Are you a parent who has been bedsharing with your child and is now considering transitioning to more independent sleeping arrangements? This one's for you! Transitioning from bedsharing can be a significant step for both you and your child. It's a decision filled with love and care, and it's crucial to approach it consciously and sensitively.

That's where this workshop style webinar comes in. It offers an evidence-based and intuition-informed approach to transitioning from bedsharing, focusing on gentle and responsive strategies. We'll explore the available options and provide guidance for a seamless and loving transition.

Investment: $39

You will learn

  • How to know if you are ready to move beyond bedsharing

  • All the available options for a gentle transition

  • Strategies for preparing both you and your child

  • How to support your child and foster their trust and attachment during the transition

  • How to spot and solve common challenges and concerns

  • How to know when and where to seek additional support

Is it right for you?

This webinar is perfect for you if:

  • You've been bedsharing with your child and are considering transitioning to independent sleeping arrangements

  • You've googled "how to stop bedsharing" and are feeling defeated by the fear mongering, demonising, and strategies that don't work and/or do not feel or gentle and respectful of your little one's needs

  • You want practical and effective strategies that don't make you feel awful in the process

  • You value maintaining a strong and loving connection with your child during the transition

Investment: $39

Step beyond the  realm of bedsharing

The principles and tools you gain from this webinar will not only assist you during the transition but also in nurturing a secure and loving association with sleep, benefiting your child's development and the whole family.

You will get lifetime access to:

1h 45min workshop replay video including Live Q&A | Planning Workbook
and 10+ Bonus PDF Resources

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What if we don't do sleep training

About your host

Jessica is a developmental psychologist who has almost completed her PhD in child development. She is also a former sleep scientist and a certified Infant and Family Sleep and Well-being Specialist.

Jessica strives to provide parents with evidence-based information and support to feel empowered and make informed decisions about approaching their family's sleep and wellness in alignment with their parenting values. 


When she isn't creating content for the 'gram or chatting to clients, you can usually find Jess chasing her 3-year-old around and listening to a podcast or audiobook at home in Melbourne, Australia.

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