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Join me for this minicourse packed with evidence-based and intuition-informed content, designed to help your baby fall asleep more quickly and sleep for longer stretches - without sleep training.


We cover:

  • The regulatory systems that control sleep

  • The most common reasons why your baby has difficulty falling asleep and/or is very wakeful

  • How to optimise your baby's sleep systems for better sleep

  • How supporting sleep shapes your baby's brain

  • Settling and resettling, including how to change or add new settling techniques with you or your partner​

  • Optimising naps and bedtimes

  • + Much more including what's "normal", red flags, myths, and how to troubleshoot and make a plan to approach different common issues

  • Includes numerous pdf and supplementary resources about sleep, development, routines, making changes, and more


Access instruction. A link to a pdf with the course link and password will be emailed to you. The link in the email that opens the pdf (not the course link itself) will expire after 30 days. Please save the pdf to your device and cloud storage to ensure ongoing/lifetime course access.

Infant Sleep 101 Course

GST Included
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