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Toddler sleep support and success


Struggle Free
Toddler Sleep

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A self-paced mini-course packed full of evidence-based, actionable, and instinct-aligned strategies to transform your toddler's sleep with confidence and compassion.

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When you were supporting your little baby to sleep, you probably looked forward to now, thinking any woes would be far behind you. Lo and behold, your toddler still is still waking frequently, feeding through the night, or long and difficult bedtimes are a common theme in your household.

First things first, I want to assure you that you have not done anything wrong. You haven't caused any of your current sleep challenges, and you should feel proud that you have and continue to meet your little one where they are developmentally.


I know you're tired though, and that's where this webinar comes in. It is packed with evidence-based, fully gentle strategies and tools to support your toddler (and you!) to get the best sleep possible in a way that respects everyone's needs.

What's inside?

Module 1

What's normal?

In the first module, we dive into normal toddler sleep - we go through how much sleep toddler's actually need, what normal toddler night and nap-time patterns look like, and other normal toddler sleep behaviours

Module 2

Optimising Sleep

In this module, we cover optimising your toddler's sleep using a range of evidence-based, completely responsive, strategies. You'll learn how to gently and effectively address common challenges like long bedtimes, early rising, and more

Module 3

Puzzle Pieces

Connection, sensory needs and temperament all hugely affect sleep. In this module, we will learn about these often neglected puzzle pieces and how to identify your child's unique needs and use this information to optimise sleep and make smoother transitions

Module 4

Making Gentle Changes

Unsure how to bring a partner into the bedtime routine, transition away from bedsharing, or move away from any pattern that is no longer serving you? This module gives you a customisable framework and loads of ideas to action gentle transitions

Bonus Resources

A bonus bundle of resources and exercises have been included to make it super easy for you to start optimising sleep and making gentle changes today

Sleep log | Connection ideas | Bedtime cheat sheet | Self-regulation tips | +more

You will walk away...

  • Feeling confident about addressing sleep challenges you are experiencing with your toddler

  • Understanding your toddler's needs and how to meet them

  • With the tools to nail bedtime so it is more enjoyable and your toddler falls asleep faster

  • Empowered to action bigger changes, gently

  • With practical solutions and a plan to address common challenges and shift patterns in a way that respects your toddler

  • + More including red flags, troubleshooting, and myths and facts

Is it right for you?

This webinar is perfect for you if...
  • You have a little one that is, or is soon to be, a toddler 1 - 5 years old

  • Your toddler is very wakeful - for example, difficult or long bedtimes, frequent waking, long wakes, split nights, and/or very early mornings

  • You would like to formulate a plan to gently shift ways that are no longer working, such as introducing new ways of falling asleep or transitioning to more sleep in their own sleep space

  • You want to build your toddler's capacity for independence in a gentle and respectful way that meets them where they are.

  • You have a baby approaching toddlerhood and you would like to be prepared with tools and options

The principles and tools you walk away with will improve your and your toddler's experience with sleep, enrich your relationship, and optimise your family's sleep and well-being for years to come.

What is the investment?

  • Four self-paced modules: worth $150+

  • Bonus bundle of resources, activities, and exercises: worth $50+

  • Voucher for 30% off additional guides and webinars (T&Cs apply): worth up to $42

  • Voucher for 10% off consult or sleep support package (T&Cs apply): worth up to $50

Over $290 value for $49

AfterPay, PayPal, and card payments available

About Your Host

support in optimising your toddler's sleep

Jessica is a developmental psychologist who has almost completed her PhD in child development. She is also a former sleep scientist and a certified Infant and Family Sleep and Well-being Specialist.

Jessica strives to provide parents with evidence-based information and support so they can feel empowered and make informed decisions about approaching their family's sleep and wellness in alignment with their parenting values. 


When she isn't creating content for the 'gram or working with clients, Jess works in child development research, spends time with her family, and loves listening to a podcast or audiobook.

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