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Baby Sleeping

Sleep & Settling Fundamentals (5m+)

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Join me for this 105 minute webinar packed with evidence-based and intuition-informed content, designed to help your baby fall asleep more quickly and sleep for longer stretches at night time - all without sleep training

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You are probably here because the solutions to baby sleep problems that are commonly packaged and sold don’t align with your values. But “waiting it out” is simply not an option anymore.


That’s where this webinar comes in. It is an evidence-based and intuition-informed approach to sleep for babies 5 months and over. It is a unique and revolutionary scientific approach that will help you to manage and optimise sleep and well-being while trusting your instincts and meeting your baby's emotional needs.

In truth, each topic we will cover could be its own webinar. But I have worked hard to pull out the core components of each that you NEED to know and are going to make the biggest difference for you and your baby in the shortest time possible.

You will learn

  • The three most common reasons why your baby has difficulty falling asleep and/or is very wakeful

  • About the two main regulatory systems that control sleep

  • How to reprogram these sleep systems for better sleep in two weeks

  • Tips for settling and resettling, including how to change or add new settling techniques with you or your partner

  • Tips for smoother naps and bedtimes

  • + Much more including red flags, myths, and how to troubleshoot and make a plan to approach different common issues

Is it right for you?

This webinar is perfect for you if:

  • Your baby (5m+) or toddler is very wakeful - for example, frequent waking, split nights, and very early mornings

  •  You’ve tried everything and feel overwhelmed and need more sleep, but you do not want to sleep train

  • You have a baby of any age and sleep is going okay right now but you want to have the tools to manage challenges now and in the future

  • You are pregnant and want to be informed and prepared for what’s to come

  • You are very interested in learning about how you can positively affect your baby's sleep, development, and your relationship

The principles and tools you walk away with will assist you in approaching sleep into the toddler years and beyond. You can even apply a lot of scientific principles to optimise your own sleep!

Sleep & Settling Fundamentals (5m+) is available to watch right now. Simply click the button below to purchase and access this webinar replay immediately

Jessica is a developmental psychologist who has almost completed her PhD in child development. She is also a former sleep scientist and a certified Infant and Family Sleep and Well-being Specialist.

Jessica strives to provide parents with evidence-based information and support so they can feel empowered and make informed decisions about approaching their family's sleep and wellness in alignment with their parenting values. 


When she isn't creating content for the 'gram or chatting to clients, you can usually find Jess chasing her 2-year old around and listening to a podcast or audiobook at home in Melbourne, Australia.


About me

*Please note that because this product is a replay of a webinar that will run again live in the future, the link may be updated with a newer recording from time to time and the content may be updated or slightly different.

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