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Live Webinar: Infant Sleep 0 -12m

A live 2 hour webinar packed with evidence-based and intuition informed content delivered by two experts and designed to arm you with the tools to get more sleep and thrive in the first year and beyond.

About Your Hosts


Jessica Guy

Jessica Guy is a developmental psychologist who has almost completed her PhD in child development. She is also a former sleep scientist and a certified Infant and Family Sleep and Well-being Specialist.

Jessica strives to provide parents with evidence-based information and support so they can feel empowered and make informed decisions about approaching their family's sleep and wellness in alignment with their parenting values. 


Jessica uses a multi-disciplinary and holistic approach to empathetically support families to attune to their parenting instincts, find sleep, and thrive in the early years. 


Julia D'Orazio

Julia D’Orazio is an Accredited Social Worker, Neuroprotective Developmental Care Practitioner
(Possums), Postpartum Doula and Motherhood Studies Trained Practitioner.

Julia’s goal is to create a safe space so that mother’s feel heard and validated, so that their experiences are normalised, and to reduce the shame that mothers feel.

Julia believes that collating her knowledge, skills and experience as a social worker, along with her
understanding of the social and cultural aspects of motherhood can transform the postpartum
experience of new mothers. She is passionate about providing holistic, evidence based support to
mums when it comes to the care of themselves and their babies. Click here to learn more about Julia and her services

The low-down

Mainstream narratives and approaches to infant sleep are embedded in unrealistic expectations, and normal infant sleep is often framed as problematic and in need of “fixing”. The solutions commonly packaged and sold don’t align with a lot of parents' values though. On the other hand, “waiting it out” can become simply not an option for many families.


That’s where this webinar comes in. It is high quality and evidence-based and will help you to manage and optimise sleep and well-being while trusting your instincts and meeting your baby's emotional needs.

In truth, each topic we will cover could be its own webinar with hours of content. But we have worked hard to pull out the core components of each that you NEED to know and are going to make the biggest difference for you and your baby.

Topics covered

Happy Baby

Sleep Science

 The fundamentals of sleep science and how you can use this knowledge to work with your baby's biology to help them fall asleep faster and sleep for longer stretches at night safely and confidently

Attachment & Sleep

Understand how the parent-infant relationship affects sleep, attachment, and infant brain development

Sleep Disruptions and "regressions"

The reasons behind common sleep disruptions and how to confidently navigate these challenging periods

Managing Your Responses

The role of your emotions and responses and  evidence-based tools that will assist you to better cope during the infant sleep rollercoaster 

Temperament & Sleep

Learn about how your baby’s unique personality affects their sleep and behaviours, why it matters, and what to do with this information

Sleep Myth Busting & Sleep Red Flags

We'll sort fact from fiction and help you understand what is normal as well as what isn't, when to get outside help and who to go to

Is it right for you?

This webinar is perfect for you if:

  • Your baby (0-12 months) is very wakeful - for example frequent waking, split nights, very early mornings. You’ve tried everything and you’re feeling overwhelmed and need more sleep, but you do not want to sleep train!

  • You have a baby between 0-12 months old and sleep is going okay right now but you want to have the tools to manage challenges if/when they do arise

  • You are pregnant and want to be informed and prepared for what’s to come

  • You are simply very interested in being educated about the science of biologically normal infant sleep and  development

Although this webinar is focused on your baby’s sleep in the first 12 months, the principles and tools you will walk away with will assist you in approaching sleep and parenting into the toddler years and beyond.


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